Any real estate agent can research the market and provide a buyer or seller with data.  The Green Door Real Estate Team enjoys studying our clients and learning what hits the deep emotional parts of them that brings them true joy and contentment.  We believe that when you marry the emotion with the market data it is magical.  It doesn't matter if the price is right, or that it is in the right location, what matters is that when you pull into that driveway you feel peace, security and you know you are home.

The Green Door Real Estate Team is opening doors and creating a culture of caring throughout our community.

Jen Miller photo

Our experience with Jen could not have been better. Jen explained everything so well and made our roles as both buyers and sellers, which occurred within just a few weeks of each other, go very smoothly. Jen kept us updated on what to expect, the timeline and anything we needed to do. We very much  appreciated her professional guidance through the entire process, and highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy and/or sell a home. Not only do we have a new home, we also have a new friend- The Newswanders